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Posted by snailpirate - December 4th, 2018

I made a post like this 2 weeks ago when Tumblr initionally fucked up and now 2 weeks later I'm making another. Can these shitty websites chill out for a second, I can only frontpage my newsposts once every 2 weeks.

Anyways, welcome everyone that is joining Newgrounds from Tumblr! You'll find yourself quite at home here. Spent a good 7 hours yesterday scouting 66 new people so I'm trying my darndest to help you guys have your art featured in the art portal! And I don't plan on stopping, so post more of your amazing art so that I can scout you! (unless Cory Spazkid gets to them first before I do)

All in all, I'm glad more and more people are joining Newgrounds. You're really going to like it here and I hope you all stick around!



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I hope others will be as welcoming!

this should be fun!

its been so long !! the place is so different xD

As long as NG doesn't become the new home of self victimization, by all means.

It's good to be back here again after so many years.

Thank you friend!

The last time I was on this site, I was playing raunchy games with my friend at 3 am during sleepovers in middle school. Coming in as a #tumblrmigrant Also hello.

The best thing about getting kicked off of tumblr is that it lead me to a much better one. I'm really enjoying NG much more. :)

Already liking this place a whole lot more than I liked tumblr. Thanks for the wonderful & welcoming introduction!

@JRHelios Don't think it will. Most tumblr users going through that phase aren't old enough to know, or remember what newgrounds is/was as most of their first social media sites was tumblr/facebook/twitter in the 2010's. Most people joining know from past experience through the days of Flash games or were on dA for their first art site experience in the 2000's.

My only hopes are that these new artists don't get carried away with the porn, don't get carried away with the self-victimization or "usual Tumblr" traits, and that they allow themselves to branch out with our community of different entertainment mediums.

For me it's less "Joining" Newgrounds and more resetting my password as I strained to remember what my username/email was for signing up.

You're the real MVP scouting all us miscreants

I was registered on Newgrounds but didn't do much since I had Tumblr.

Oh boy, things have changed. Thanks for warm welcome.

Hello fellow ex/Tumblr bloggers, good luck to all of us

I'm not welcoming.

I don't like the idea of wholesale "Transplants" of communities.

Newgrounds has never been tumblr...if it were, we'd have all been on tumblr.

I don't mind the people that straddled both sites over a number of years, but I don't look at a sizable tumblr population moving here as a good thing at all.

"Hey, Tumblrs blocking all our weirdo pedo shit, but I hear that place newgrounds..."

Here's to hoping newgrounds doesn't turn into fucking tumblr 2.0.

66 people man holy shit! :O I have been seeing your name on a lot of pages there lately... you, Spazkid and IVOanimations. ;) That's pretty solid work there. I'm probably missing out a bit not being on at optimal timezones, but the competition's pretty fierce in there too. So much good content streaming in. Gotta get back there ASAP...

Too bad none of them are worthwhile content creators.

Your welcome it deeply appreciated, man. Gotta figure out the ropes of this place tho.

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