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Gonna make this short and sweet as opposed to my 2020 year in reflection last year. Almost wasn't gonna write one this year but I think getting these thoughts down would be a good idea. I usually look forward to making these posts at the end of the year but gonna be real this year was dog shit. There was some good absolutely, and I'm thankful for friends here very much, but my mind was not having it this year, especially towards the last few months. School stress and irl stress got to me too much and I hated all my classes, which led to me completely burning the fuck out, which is probably apparent from the lack of art or animation I posted this year (a third of the fucking art I posted this past year was uploaded in the last 2 days lol). A lot of goals I had set for myself to accomplish before the end of the year didn't happen or didn't work out as well as I had hoped either. I barely talked to anyone for about a month or two there because I was going a little coo coo! Silver lining now I guess is that it's winter vacation and I've finally been able to take it slightly easy, I'm starting to feel a little better. I greatly appreciate you guys even if I haven't said it much lately. Maybe I'm being a pessimist but I don't see 2022 going all that great either and maybe I'll get burnt out even worse again but idk. I'm going to try and stay above water this year but we'll see. I guess in terms of new year's resolutions, I still want to continue learning Japanese. I've been doing a little bit of that everyday but learning a new language on top of everything else helped burn me out real fast so I've been going a little slower with it. Hopefully I can work out a better schedule to still do plenty of Japanese learning without burning and crashing. Another resolution is my base art skills actually suck dick (anatomy, color theory, composition) so I'm just gonna try and work on those more to help strengthen my art and animation. This last one isn't necessarily a resolution but it would be nice to get some work done with a story I've been trying to come up with, it probably wont come to fruition this year, but so long as I can get work done on it this year, I'll be content. I don't think I have much else to say. Not very happy with how 2021 turned out but whatever it's in the past now, and I definitely don't want to feel the same way about 2022 come a year later. Once again, appreciate you guys, and hopefully 2022 will be a decent one. Now I'm going to go back to watching Vtubers, Amelia is doing karaoke god damn it. Anime girls playing videogames and swearing keep me sane, so sue me.



Also boyfriend shrimp. This is Cam's fault.



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