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Gay gay gay fuck you fay i hate this shit god fuckin newgeonnds is toxic as shit fuck you

littlbox responds:

i luv u

One of the best episodes yet. Solid story with lots of goods. Having so many people do their own little interpretations of sublo was a brilliant idea because it made the short more interesting and gave people a chance to have something in the animation. (Including me!) Overall a great job, amazing work!

Oh and that train animation is really fucking impressive god damn.

Gohan truly is a faggot huh

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Finally got to playing this game and the three of you guys did an amazing job! It's a very simple idea for a game, but it's executed very well, nice job there Brandy. The pixel art is also god tier, nice job Nick. The music is also very nice and even calming to listen to while playing, good job Carmet! Fantastic job overall!

I like the concept for this game it's kinda cool. I know that this was a game jam game so there's gonna be a few bugs which makes sense. There is a bug that was annoying which was that every time I hit up or down, my webpage would go up and down which made it kinda frustrating to play the game and finish it. Don't know if that's just me though. Still, I did like this overall, good job!

BrandyBuizel responds:

That's a byproduct of the engine being unable to take focus your inputs away from the browser so you end up scrolling down the webpage(present in all construct 3 games as far as I know :/). I'd recommend using WASD instead but we'd like to leave the option open.

Merry Christmas, this was a fun project to be a part of and everyone did great!! Yay yahoo

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Thanks for joinin MERRY EFFIN CHRISMIS

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This is my favorite episode so far. I love these guys and their work, and listening to them rant about collabs was hilarious and so much fun to listen to (reminded me of sleepycast, rightfully so since 2 of them were members of it lol). Awesome episode, and I hope you manage to get them back on for a later episode! (If possible of course)

Really great episode. I always love being able to hear the stories of how people have gotten to where they are with their creative endeavors. Tomar is a real cool person, he would be cooler in my book though if he revealed the location of the Tomar Emeralds.

Really enjoyed this episode. Always loved the madness series and have been excited for Nexus 2 for a while. Plus Swain and Krinkles are just cool ass people to begin with. I am in the discord but it would’ve been neat to have heard more of the interview during the episode. I at least don’t mind it being over an hour long! Great episode overall though πŸ‘

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Shittt this is clean. Love the colors and background and having this as a backlit print would sick as fuck. Nice work Ivan!

Reading up on her horse anatomy and stretching... hmmm wonder what she's up to???
Also awesome work on this!

I freakingg love mariio dude

Milk milk lemonade, around the corner is your asshole that poops and farts.

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