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I hope Araki himself sees this and then comes to your house and gives you a big smooch for the incredible work you did. Seriously can't get over how professionally done everything here is done. I'm just gonna keep rewatching this everyday until part 6 anime gets announced lol.

RIP Henry
Good work tho and I liked the music

Troisnyx responds:

Aaaaa thank you! 💖

These models are great and the animation is beyond expressive. I like that they both have their way of fucking. I tend to like Marie more but honetly thought the animation with Callie in this was way hotter. She was fast and enthusiastic and her freckles on her chest were a cute touch. Good shit, thanks for making me horny for squid people.

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I can finally undress Tom ehehehehehehehe

MKMaffo responds:

://0 !!

Fucking fantastic game. Simple yet lots of fun. And I absolutley adore the claymation style you went with, it's super nice to look at. Great job and happy robotday!!!

Had lots of fun with the game! Even playing with a keyboard felt pretty good. There were some weird hitboxes but this game was an enjoyable experience overall. Really dig the art and music too.

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Who’s this special girl, you gotta let me know

ninjamuffin99 responds:

its u

I agree with Tom this is indeed swag

I be fucking hot chicks while groovin to this beat

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I just finished this anime yesterday lol so this is good timing. Although I feel wrong somehow by looking at rule 34 of Misaki, but she is damn cute.

Theironmountain responds:

Hehe it is not a character you see many lewds around~ The anime is great tho! (Hint: There is more history on the manga, you can take it where the anime stopped and have more NHK!)

I love all the Tome stuff you're doing, she's an underrated girl for sure and a fuckin cutie. Nice work 👍

She's crazy as fuck but I'd also want her as gf, can't blame Koichi

Open your mind and open your peehole

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